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 » Portraits – Workshop by Flavio Carnevale – Springfield, Illinois

Portraits – Workshop by Flavio Carnevale – Springfield, Illinois

Portraits – Workshop by Flavio Carnevale – Springfield, Illinois

Flavio Carnevale – Italian photographer. winner on different contest categories.
Event hosted by Angie Sidles

Springfield – Illinois

Spring – Summer – Autumn 2011

We are currently enrolling participants and a date will be specified once we reach a minimum number of participants. The duration of the workshop will be 2 days and take place on a weekend.




A portrait can be correctly done… it can be beautiful… it can tell a story and describe emotion.
Eyes, expression, environment, subject positioning, focal length, depth of field, shooting time, point of view, body language, lighting and contrast… everything suggests something to the reader.

If you’re taking a picture for a trip reportage or just for your vacation, if you’re describing street life or just trying to photograph a friend, a relative, a life moment, or a memory… it’s important to learn how to “read”, interpret and describe a subject, especially during interaction with his/her surroundings.
2 full days with Flavio Carnevale, Italian photographer and contest winner.


  • Portraiture. Posed photography, candids and posed candids
  • Focal length. Depth of field, focal point, framing
  • Coming out from the environment. The person as the only subject in photography.
  • Story telling through Surroundings. Putting the subject in the real space. Reportage, street photography.
  • Elements of portraiture. Observation, intuition, learning to read emotions, body language, characteristics and uniqueness of subject. Story telling through photography.
  • Camera: How to manage the triangle camera-subject-photographer
  • Indoor and outdoor photography. Natural and artificial light. How to mix different lights. Reflective panels, diffusers, flashes.
  • Using light to help tell a story about the subject. Direct and diffused light, studio lighting, outdoor lighting problems, Knowing, correction and manipulation of natural light with or without added artificial light.
  • Practical use of lighting instruments. Reflective panels, diffusers, flash lights
  • On-site and classroom course instruction. Assistance, photo analysis and digital darkroom examples.
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